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Φυρμός πράγματα που ανακαλύπτεις σε ένα σαββατοκύριακο (2)

The Yellow Book of President Kyprianou

«While everyone knows the Little Red Book of Mao, nobody has ever heard of Ming ta Kao, the book containing the thoughts of Chu Yuan-chang, founder of the Ming Dynasty. The possession and study of the Ming ta Kao (Great Ming Edict) was compulsory for all subjects of the empire: each family had to have a copy. Since the population was then around 80 million, the Ming ta Kao remained for a long time one of the most widely distributed books in the world.

This enormous distribution however, as Simon Leys writes in his “Chinese Shadows”, “did not prevent its almost complete disappearance. Today the Ming ta Kao is a very rare curiosity, eagerly sought by bibliophiles.”

Today almost nobody in China has heard of the Ming ta Kao. In all bookshops I visited in Peking none knew of Chu Yuan-chang’s book.

Besides the Little Red Book of Mao we had during the last few years similar books, in which are concentrated the thoughts and wisdom of contemporary leaders. It is interesting to note that in all these books there is a messianic message. The thoughts concentrated in these books belong to men, who are not simply heads of government in their countries. More than this they are Messiahs who have the ambition to lead their people or peoples to eternal salvation.

Such books which contain the wisdom of their Leaders are the Green Book of Muammar Al Gadafi and the Little Green Book of Ayatolla Khomeini.»

(θα διερωτάστε, τι σκατά αντιγράφω τόση ώρα.)


«It is however too late for a Little Black Book of Makarios. Instead, we decided to publish the Little Yellow Book of Kyprianou, the present Leader of Cyprus who carries on the work of the Great Leader.

We called it Yellow for a very simple reason; There already exists a Little Red Book, the one by Mao. Of Green books we have two – from Gadafi and the Ayatolla. Black would be the only possibility for Makario’s Book. We are thus left with two colours: blue and yellow. We went for the latter because of the yellow of the Cyprus flag.

The Little Book of Kyprianou should enter into all Cypriot homes. Every family should have its own copy in the same way that every Chinese family had its own copy of the Ming ta Kao. If we ever come to have our own Yellow Guards then they will also have something to wave in the air at their rallies, meetings and parades.

Though the Ming ta Kao did not endure the passing of centuries, we are certain that the Little Yellow Book of Kyprianou, the very quintessence of the wisdom of a great and magnificent people, will last forever.»

…. (φυρτείτε –από τα γέλια- με την ησυχία σας)

Λοιπόν, υπάρχει αυτό το μικρό κίτρινο βιβλίο (edition 1981)… Και έχω ένα copy του… και είναι HI-LA-RIOUS

Είναι νομίζω η καλύτερη σάτιρα που διάβασα τον τελευταίο καιρό. Αν ΔΕΝ προοριζόταν για σάτιρα, ακόμα καλύτερα.


At 08 November, 2010 10:05, Blogger Νικόλας Κυριάκου said...

.....Υπαρχει; Στ' αλήθεια; Να πυροβοληθούμε τώρα;

At 08 November, 2010 10:19, Anonymous ιων said...

A ααααα!!!! Απο πού μπορώ να πάρω το δικό μου αντίγραφο για το δικό μου σπίτι; ; Υπάρχουν στο Δηκό τους σπίτι; είναι δωρεάν ή έχουν αποκτήσει συλλεκτική αξία και δεν αγοράζονται; απορίες κινεζοκυπραίου.

At 08 November, 2010 10:40, Blogger Okyalos said...

Στην σελίδα 18 γράφει:Κανονίζουμε τον ενα γιόκκα μας ισόβιο υπουργό, επίτροπο κ.λ.π και τον άλλο σε Διοικητικά Συμβούλια.
Στην σελίδα 25 γράφει:Κανονίζουμε και προεδρική φρουρά για την σύζυγο μας, εαν χηρέψει. Ο αστυνομικός θα εκτελεί και χρέη φιλιππινέζας, οδηγού κ.λ.π.
Γράφει τίποτα άλλο καλό?

At 08 November, 2010 10:44, Blogger CRITIC said...

Ουαο...Που ανακάλυψες έτσι κομμάτι; Εξαιρετικό...
Πωλείται σε βιβλιοπωλεία ή βγαίνει μόνο σε δημοπρασία γιατί δεν μπορεί κάποιος να κοστολογήσει έτσι αριστούργημα;
Έκδοση του 1981, σημαίνει ότι γράφτηκε πριν του δώσουν την συνταγή για τα χάπια...Πρέπει να έχει πολύ χάζι

At 08 November, 2010 13:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

maria t.

At 09 November, 2010 11:24, Blogger stelios said...

Doste ton Spyro sto lao, peste mas pou na to vroume.

At 10 November, 2010 00:45, Anonymous Gourouna said...

Εν αντρεπουνται τζινοι που το γραψαν να λεν οτι ο Μακαριος θα μπορουσε να εχει little black book??? Αμαρτια!!!

At 21 November, 2010 21:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drakouna to vivlio egrapsen to o idios i o a. Galanos?


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